15 things you didn’t know about Layne Staley

Alice In Chains late lead singer, Layne Staley, made a large imprint on the music of the 90’s, essentially kicking the doors down for Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, Kurt Cobain, Screaming Trees Mark Lanegan and others.

Unfortunately, many view his life as one that began and ended with drug addiction.

Not True.
Here are a bunch of Layne’s positive qualities, habits and unique characteristics. It’s the hum-drum, real life kind of stuff that makes a more complete picture of the man and why things happened the way they did.

Why Naomi Judd lost her battle w/depression:

When Naomi Judd died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, I started researching her life. I read her books and saw these Ted-like talks she’d given, one was “Chicago Ideas,” titled “You Can’t Make this Shit Up!”

It turns out Naomi Judd really understood brain chemistry and genetics. She could have been a doctor, easily.

Yet unbelievably, psychiatry and treatment centers failed her in a number of ways. My video in no way is intended to denigrate all those who tried to help Naomi Judd, because I’m certain they did their best. It’s just that psychiatry is trial and error, throwing stuff against the wall, and successful treatment of comorbidities like anxiety/trauma/depression is difficult.

Still, it seemed like their were other treatments and modalities they could have tried…but what do I know?

Putting the “True” back in “True Crime”

“Razor Wire Wilderness,” by Stephanie Dickinson

Kallisto Gaia Press, May, 2021

Krystal Riordan, a 20-year-old prostitute, witnesses her pimp and abuser rape and murder another girl. She stands mute, worried he’ll kill her next. She helps him dispose of the body.

For her role in ‘accessory after the fact’ she gets thirty years. She, and everyone else she’s locked up with has a ‘before’ life and an ‘after the alleged crime’ life.

As a writer and reviewer, I read a lot of books, and this one was impossible to put down.

“Razor Wire Wilderness” is EASILY the BEST BOOK I’ve read in three years.

Dickinson has a dark past too, one she can never forget. The bond between author and inmates is what pulls this wildly careening read along. The sensory deprivation against lurid details of sensory overload sweeps you up.

And before you know it, you realize you’re on a conveyor belt to the dark and sticky center of what’s wrong with our institutions of reform, punitive “alternative” schools and the criminal justice system.

Where a lie gets you a pass and the truth makes your past and present run together like a flash flood in the desert. Lives left behind but lived behind Razor Wire.

If you liked Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black” even a little, you will LOVE this book and the rapid fire way it’s written. #RazorWireWildnerness #NetGalley

Thank You to Healthwell Foundation

Some of you know I have Tardive Dyskinesia, a permanent side effect of common psych meds. Tardive has been around since Thorazine back in the 50’s, but only recently did a treatment become available to us. As a new medication, not that many people know about it, (even though there are commercials on cable TV) and as a new medication it’s expensive.

Thanks to a generous grant, I’ve been able to access my medication. It’s possible Healthwell can help you too, especially if you’re on Medicare and worry that you’re not financially “Needy Enough” or “Needy” in the right way.

My story holds hope out to people struggling with all kinds of illnesses, not just mine. Take a Look.

Tell a friend. You might just brighten their day.

David Bowie’s Dark Knight of Soul

My favorite album of David Bowie’s is one of the least favorite of other people’s the “Young Americans” album of 1975. This was when Bowie wanted to make a Soul Record and moved to Philadelphia in search of the sound. It’s not like cultural appropriation, where one culture rips off another and passes it off as their own, this was more like Bowie borrowed some influences and recorded a soul-adjacent album. Songs like “Fame,” and “Somebody up there Likes Me” and the frenzied “Fascination” always pulled me out of bad moods if that’s what I needed. Check out Luther Vandross singing on the title track, “Young Americans” is the bomb!

Why My Tardive Dyskinesia is better now

I try not to make my blog a commercial venture, but I’ve had Tardive Dyskinesia since 2008, I got it from an atypical antipsychotic (called an “antidepressant” at the time) called Geodon. Lots of people need these types of meds, and yet worry about getting this side effect. Hell, if I’d known what was headed my way, I’d have worried too!

It hit me out of nowhere and took three years and 10 neurologists to get a diagnosis. I’ve since learned some of this was due to the first 9 neurologists not wanting a patient with mental illness. So for three years I wandered around, grinding my teeth, my torso and shoulders shaking, and with painful low back spasms.

In the end, I secured an effective treatment. And my frickin’ back pain is gone. Are they connected? I’m not sure but maybe so….anyway, here is a “patient story” of how it was, and how it is now.

If TD worries you, my story might give you hope.