What I resorted to for Chronic Pain…

it got really dicey down here in South Florida you guys. Really hard to get pain meds. Even harder to go to the bathroom. I thought I was going to die. When the Artist formerly known at Prince passed away, a deep dive on the internet revealed that his treatment team was strongly eyeing Suboxone to manage his chronic hip pain and dependence on opiates. It’s sad, because it was actually the addiction treatment people who found the superstar collapsed, unresponsive in his elevator. Help was on the way and missed him by hours.

Under the Cover of Covid, CVS, other PBM’s snuff out small drugstores.

At the end of November (2020) I received a letter that my indie (since 2013) is suddenly off my PBM’s Aetna/CVS/Caremark/Silverscript cost sharing network.
It costs me 2 hundred a month more to shop at my indie than use Aetna/CVS. I called customer service to see if they network with any other pharmacies, but guess what????

Suddenly, NO INDIE PHARMACIES are covered ‘in my area,’ Melissa in the grievance department said. This was last week.

I don’t know what’s going on exactly but have lodged 3 formal complaints regarding the big PBM, under the cover of COVID-19, getting away with this when no ones’ paying attention to these monopolies. And pharmacists can’t really speak up because there are gag rules and retaliation. Wrote a Miami Herald article “System Rigged” and did a youtube video, am working on a series. Any views, likes or comments would help me get message out. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBJKKl_L66U

#FreeBritney thoughts on psychiatric holds, the involuntary kind.

Did anyone see the “Framing Britney Spears” Video? About her fighting the conservatorship of her estate, empire and person? Unbelievable! But if you’ve ever had your life totally fall apart, lose everything you thought was important or even had depression, then you know what it’s like to lose all power and agency over your life. This is why I did a video, revisiting my own confinements, the good, bad and the ugly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCwFloWDSaI&t=4s

Open Letter to Fox News:

Hey guys. Recently I was watching your channel, and when you cut away to the commercial break, out blared the jangly, free-form experimentation of the alt rock classic “Winona’s Big Brown Beaver” by Primus from the 1990’s.

Man, I almost fell out of my chair.

But I get it. You’ve got younger viewers now, probably want to sound hip, edgy and relevant, but “Winona’s Big Brown Beaver” is a bit of a reach, dontcha think? I mean, it’s the equivalent of playing Frank Zappa’s song about the yellow snow…or Beck’s “Loser.” Not a good look…it so does not fit that It’s jarring, even to someone who loves 90’s alternative rock.

Let me help you out.

As “Allison Strong,” I was a major market 90’s alt rock radio DJ and music director for nearly a decade. Not only do I have an encyclopedic knowledge of literally THOUSANDS of songs that would work for your cutaways and promos. After about a decade picking hit songs for my stations, I know a little bit about songs that research well and won’t offend or jar your upper end demographic. Stuff like REM maybe even the B-52’s….stuff that’s easier on the ears.

Shoot me a comment on this blog, or Facebook, and I’ll help you with sound design so you remain “America’s Voice.”



Allison Strong, “The Radioactive Patient”

Humana is Killing Writer’s Group Guru!

Help me save Peter. Call to action below.

With Covid, my only link to humanity is my online writer’s group on Google Meet/Drive. Dearest to me is a former English teacher named Peter Uttal. A former Miami teacher of the year, his guidance of our group is invaluable. One time he called me out on hiding behind “clever” quips. Peter’s right. Because was an alt rock radio DJ for so long, quick little soundbites come cheaply and easily to me. Through blunt honesty, Peter’s helped me find my truth.

Now, Peter is sick, without a bone marrow transplant, he’ll die.

His HMO is delaying treatment, which in Peter’s case is the same thing as killing him. Peter’s body no longer makes red blood cells, and over the computer screen you can see him paling.

Help me help Peter both by sharing this post and sending emails to two higher ups at Humana, his health insurers.

Humana CEO: bbroussard@humana.com


Thank You so much,

Allison Strong, The Radioactive Patient

Back from the Black

So here’s the deal, About two years ago I had a scary scary month’s long depressive episode. I withdrew from social media, paid vlogging and public speaking to focus on my own health. I mean, you can’t share what you do not have, right?

I’m in my fourth consecutive year of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy at a local college (sliding scale because my therapists are technically students) and this winter, I got off of Suboxone right as the Coronavirus hit. And during this epidemic, I’ve discovered Youtube!

Because I’m so musically focused, my Youtube channel is “The Radio Active (two words here) Patient. Will be changing the name of this blog of mine as well. The Radio Active Patient. Because so much of my survival is attributable to bands like Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Rage vs the Machine, The Who, Led Zepplin…….they kept me company and kept me on the planet.

Video re extreme bipolar survival tips. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE19khhTWI0&t=38s

On Surviving Suicidality Like a Rock Star (2 minute vid)

I had a Kate Spade July, Suicidality 30 days straight four times a minute, as illogical as they were vividly articulate. Bphope for Bp Magazine

BTW, “Prozac Poopout” is a true phenomen, giggled about behind closed clinical doors. It’s not discussed cuz it does nothing for brand loyalty. Heheheh.